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Hillstreet Propane Fridge Repair began in 1980 and our business principle is simple; treat the customer the way we want to be treated.

Propane Fridge designs have been changing over the last 100+ years but the most dramatic changes began in 1980. Since then, the failure rate of propane fridges has increased dramatically. Hillstreet is a service company and for almost 30 years, a rebuilder of propane fridge cooling units. The cooling unit's technical name is an ammonia absorption unit. The unit is the essential component to all propane fridges. The cooling unit is a network of steel tubing welded together and contains an ammonia water solution pressurized with hydrogen gas.

The steady decline in original manufactured fridge coil dependibility is due to modern manufacturing techniques. We receive 1000+ phone calls every year from customers throughout Western Canada. Questions range from poor fridge performance, non-working fridges, to safety and maintenance issues. We invite people to ask all questions and work with them to find the most economical solution.

When the fridge problem is determined to be a failed unit, we stand ready to rebuild and supply a replacement unit. Our process of rebuilding a unit begins with a skilled tradesperson. From the beginning, attention is given to the smallest detail, our finished product is guaranteed to give you performance and dependability. Each unit we rebuild comes with a seven year warranty.

We hope you are encouraged to contact us by stopping by our shop in Enderby, British Columbia or by phone, fax and email. We would be pleased to provide you with a valuable second opinion.

Be safe and happy camping!

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